Fusion Cre8tive offers stimulating and engaging Eight/six/four week drawing and art classes during the school term on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (for ages 10-16 and 30 minutes longer) or Thursday from 4pm.


The classes are designed for all levels of students from beginner to advanced from the age of 6 -12 years wanting to learn or improve on their skills in the fundamental techniques of drawing and painting. There will also be an art class on a Wednesday for older students from aged ten to sixteen years of age that will cover a deeper study of art content and skill.


At the end of the eight/six/four-week term program students will have completed four/three/two paintings on a 40x50 cm stretched canvas, each inspired by different artists and using a myriad of mediums.


What our classes will cover: 


(The eight week program starts from week one, six weeks term program starts from week three, four week term program starts from week five)


Week 1-2: Exploring and identifying artist’s works from the past and present such as Picasso’s The Weeping Woman (1937) and his later works such as Woman in a Hat (1962). Students will craft a self portrait using mixed media that will reflect what they believe their personal identity to be. 

Week 3-4: Artworks done by Landscape artist, Jill Ray, will be discussed and explored so that students can express themselves on canvas using the knowledge and inspiration gained by examining her works. 

Week 5-6: Pop artists such as Keith Allen Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol will be discussed and explored so that students can create their very own mixed media canvas using elements of our everyday lives.

Week 7-8: In the last two weeks we will explore the world of botanicals using flora around us at the beautiful Joondalup Resort, as well as the works of various botanical illustration artists.


Each lesson will be cultivating skill as well as confidence in using materials such as graphite, chalks, pastels, water colour, pencil, crayon, mixed media and paints. Students will learn a series of steps and principles that will allow them to grow as young artists harnessing their fine and gross motor skills, while improving concentration and developing their creativity, imagination and social skills.


Fusion Cre8tive looks forward to an inspiring term ahead, studying great artists, while making friends and learning about ourselves along the way.

Aprons and a small crisp snack will be supplied. NB! Please bring water bottle

Fusion Cre8tive Term Program